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This was a 3 week project I did while I was studying abroad in Florence, Italy during my 4th year at Cal Poly. Although it was brief, I find myself consistently drawn to it because of the story it tells. The assignment was to design a museum that would sit on the bank of the River Arno. While I was visiting the site, I noticed that the water was in a different state each time I visited. Sometimes it was flowing, others it was still, and yet others it seemed agitated and dimpled. I thought about how this must have an affect on the shape of the bank through erosion and deposition of particles, so I let the museum look like it was a part of that process to draw attention to that cycle of erosion. The polyhedral modules are designed to look like they have built up over time with smaller pieces adding to the landscape and even smaller pieces looking like they are still floating down the river. 


Top: Exterior Perspective

Above: Interior Perspective

Right: Diagram showing development of the museum's form

Below: Floor plan of the second level

Bella Riva Floor Plan.PNG
Diagram 1.PNG
Diagram 2.PNG
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