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Space Zoologist (WIP, Team of 12)

Space Zoologist.png

Project Management: Molina Mey, Aliyah Clayton

Game Design: Ana Love

Technical: Travis Garcia, Chase Taylor, Steven Tan, Virgil Wang, Jack Zhang, Alex Chiu, Spring Nguyen, Codey Huntting, Kyle Mitchell

Writing: Adrianna Burton, James Bates

Art: Vivian Pham, Yuuki Min, Gianeen Almaria

UI/UX: Megan Wang, Emily Gui

Audio: Nathan Jew

As the game designer for this project, I've contributed the follwing:

  • Developed visual design documents that summarized and iterated on the existing game design

  • Iterated on “Needs System” design and designed placeholder levels for testing this system

  • Used excel to create a tool for testing the equations and relationships in this system

  • Developed sequence of concepts to be introduced over the course of 5 levels

  • Designed system of level progression that uses adaptive learning to tailor each players experience

  • Drafted level designs for 4 sections Level 1 as well as 1 section for each of levels 2-4 and a tutorial    

  • Developed design of notebook feature

  • Conducted playtests

Game Overview

Interact with NPCs


Add species to an eclosure

Add species .gif

Research and take notes

Research and take notes.gif

Analyze their needs

Analyze Needs.gif

Adjust the environment to help populations grow

Adjust Environment.gif

Game Design

I joined this project mid-development, so one of my first tasks was to document the gameplay loop and iterate on it so that we would be able to reference the core experience for the player

Gameplay Loop Space Zoologist.png
Level Progression Overview_Slide5.jpg

One of my key contributions so far has been as a level designer which has involved mapping out level progression (above) as well as laying out the starting condition of enclosures and available resources for the player. To the right is a map I created in a spreadsheet that shows the enclosures I've designed so far as well as how they all fit together to become one large landscape .

Natura Serva 22 Map.jpg

Notebook Design

Another major feature of the game I worked on was the design of the notebook which plays an important role in the game's goal of helping students develop their research skills.  I worked to create a wireframe of the notebook design (sample page to the right) while Megan Wang developed its UI design and Codey Huntting implemented it into the project.

Notebook demo.gif
NotebookDesign v7 pg4.png
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