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Library Game (Team of 3)

Vikki Brown: 3D Modeler, UI Designer, Environment Artist

Ana Love: Level Design, Systems Programmer, Gameplay Programmer

Katie Moses: Producer, Systems Design, Game Designer, Writer

  • Collaborated on game design

  • Created level design drawings for artist to use as basis for assets

  • Programmed prototype in Unity and C#

    • Switches between 4 stages of game play

    • Path building by player and then auto play to see result of path

    • Particle effects

    • UI system

This was a two week class assignment where our team was given 3 random game patterns around which to develop a prototype for a game: memorization, deterioration, and zero-player game.  We brainstormed a variety of ideas and settled on the setting of library because we loved the potential of the aesthetic.  This game has 4 phases: Memorize, Plan, Observe, and Repair.  During the memorize phase, players need to memorize which color books belong on which shelves.  Then when they plan, they need to build a path to the correct shelves in order to return the books.  During the observe phase, they are able to see whether or not their path correctly returned the books.  Any books that are misplaced go back to the stack that needs to be returned and are damaged.  During the repair stage of the game, players can use any repair resources they have earned to fix any damaged books.

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