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Jelliefishie (Team of 3)

Tiffany Lam (Producer, UI Design)

Ana Love (Gameplay Programmer)

Songyue Qi (Character & Environmental Artist)

  • Worked with team to develop design for the character controller

  • Programmed movement for the character controller

  • Programmed camera movement

  • Programmed animation transitions

This was a two-week class project focused on developing a character controller inspired by the song Svefn-g-englar by Sigur Ros. We agreed that the key features of the song were that it was indirect, light, sustained, and free, so these were our main inspirations for a jellyfish floating through water and the stars.  The goal was to create a relaxing, smooth experience with the character controller.  I really enjoyed being able to spend the duration of the project focusing on just the character controller and finding ways to use code to be artistic with particle effects and camera movement.

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