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Something Sweet (Solo)

I developed the idea for this game over the course of several online classes about game design with the document being the culminating capstone project.  After first designing a game that could printed out and played on paper, I worked to further develop the story of Bernadette the badger who is attempting to steal honey from the bees' hive.  During the fall quarter of my first year at UC Santa Cruz, I came back to this idea to build a digital prototype that expands on the paper prototype as part of my final project for my game development class which I did in a pseudo game jam style over the course of about 3 days.

  • Designed printable paper game including artwork

  • Developed concept sketches

  • Developed character concepts

  • Developed story sequence

  • Built digital prototype with Python and Processing

    • Developed randomly generated maps to make replays interesting

    • Used Object Oriented Programming​

    • Developed path finding algorithm to determine bee movement

    • Created all artwork

Paper Badger and Bee Game.jpg

This is the paper game I created that inspired the further development of the game design document for "Something Sweet". The requirements were that it had to be single player and fit on sheet a paper with the idea being that someone could print it out and play the game.

Something Sweet Gameplay Flowchart.jpg

I developed this game play flowchart for 3D version of the game to describe the sequence of cut scenes, tasks, and dungeons a player would experience. My main goal here was to have a somewhat linear story at the beginning to get the player set up, a free-form middle so that the player could experience the game in their own unique way (unlocking the skills in different orders would pose various challenges), and a linear end to wrap the story.

badger and bee conceptual map Model (1).

This is basic layout of the forest that Bernadette would be exploring. She begins on the middle layer and as she learns skills from the other characters (digging, climbing, jumping), she gains access to the underground layer and treetops.

bernie finds meadow.jpg
Bernadette the Badger v2.jpg
queen bee.jpg

These are some examples of some of the basic concept art I did to illustrate scenes from the game play flowchart. The first drawing is from the beginning of the game when Bernadette leaves her den for the first time. The second drawing is toward the end of the game when Bernadette successfully steals honey but angers the queen bee who chases after her. The last two images are of Bernadette and the Queen Bee.

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