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Spirit of Serenity (Solo)

This was a 3-week project focused on putting together a pitch presentation for a game idea.  

  • Created script and presentation for pitching the game design

  • Built prototype using in Unreal using blueprints

    • Collecting and building system based on cubes

    • Simple AI of a character for the player to guide


In the Spirit of Serenity, the player is able to explore the village of Serenity as well as the depths of the abyss.  While doing so, they are able to collect materials and build new structures and paths with them. While exploring the abyss, the player will encounter lost souls that need guidance to the village.  These lost souls will have specific move patterns such as following blue blocks that the player will need to discover and use to solve the puzzle of how to help them to the surface.


Explore the Surface


Explore the Abyss


Collect Materials


Build with Collected Materials


Build a Path


To Guide a Lost Soul

Gameplay Loop

Gameplay Loop.png
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