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HydroChrome (Solo)

This is the first game I designed and built in Unity using C#.

The premise of the game is that a fairy, Lia, is trying to bring color to a black and white world by summoning colorful raindrops.  As she moves raindrops fall and she can summon them to her current square.  She also has umbrellas and walls that she can use as tools to control which squares get painted. 

  • 5 week project, evenings and weekends

  • Developed a game design document

  • Wrote scripts in C# to implement mechanics and game play

  • Developed progression of 8 levels

  • Created all sprites and artwork

HydroChrome Cover v3.jpg

Hydrochrome main title screen

  • Use the arrow keys to move around the grid

  • Press the space bar to summon colors to you

  • If multiple colors are summoned, they mix

  • Large raindrops paint more squares

  • Certain number of moves available per level

  • Certain number of mistakes per game depending on difficulty; when all mistakes are used the game is over

  • Some levels have required colors

  • Bonus zones allow for double points

  • Bonus color also allows for double points

  • Large raindrops splash when they finish falling and paint the grid

  • Umbrellas prevent a square from being painted (if you want to prevent a tile being painted the wrong color)

  • Walls protect a square and paint the square before the wall instead; can help prevent colors from mixing


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