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  • 2 week group class project with Katie Moses, Yuuki Min, Tyler Boyce, and Chris Gayle

  • Made with JavaScript and Phaser3

  • Designed and implemented random platform generation

    • Implemented platforms that could collapse​

    • Developed and implemented progressive rules for platform generation that increased the difficulty for the player as they get closer to their goal

For this assignment, our team decided to go with the concept of a platformer where a cat is searching for its owner.  As this was for a game systems class, a large part of our focus was on developing the game loops that would occur.  The predominant system is cat's need for stamina which is used every time it jumps, and is replenished when it collides with a treat.  Additional systems include a progression system for the platforms which become trickier to traverse as time goes, and sentimental items which fall from the sky and give the player temporary bonuses.

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