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Unnamed cat game

  • 2 week group class project with Tiffany Lam and Wenbo Xie

  • Made with Unity

  • Designed and implemented infinite runner style level

    • Assembled assets created by Wenbo into park modules that could be placed next each other 

    • Created varying difficulties of park modules  

    • Developed and implemented progressive rules for park module placement that increased the difficulty for the player the farther along they are in the game

This prototype was for a class focusing on building games in Unity.  As a team, we developed the concept for the game as well as the mechanics and systems.  From there we each took on a specific aspect of the programming. Wenbo was responsible for programming the player and laser; Tiffany worked on the treats, UI and audio; and I was responsible for creating the modules that create the randomly generated levels.  I developed the logic of the game to ensure that at the beginning, the obstacles the player has to navigate around are fewer, and the longer they play, the more likely they are to get trickier sections to maneuver around.

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